CFOCer Black and Gold

BLDC FOC Controller Based on VESC V6


The CFOCer Black and Gold Edition is a brushless motor controller with Field Oriented Control for sensored and sensorless brushless DC motors. It is based on the VESC version 6. It can be configured and updated using the VESC Tool.

Due to the global pandemic and resulting chip shortage, many components have been unavailable and prices have risen substantially. For example, the components I used on the CFOCer Green Edition boards are now significantly more expensive. One upside is that I was able to source better key components for the CFOCer Black and Gold Edition at a cost comparable to the off-brand components on the CFOCer Green Edition.

Rated to:

  • 12s (50.4 volts)
  • 35A Continuous Current Draw
  • 70A Peak Current Draw

Each controller is:

  • Fully assembled
  • The latest firmware is installed
  • Configured via the VESC Tool version 3.01
  • Tested with Field Oriented Control on a hall-sensor BLDC Motor and PPM input
  • Fully open source hardware, software, and optional case with integrated heatsink.

I provide assembly and software documentation on my blog here:


  • By default, the board is ready to accept a (currently un-populated) BMI160 IMU for applications such as building a one-wheel like skateboard.
  • If you would like me to add the BMI160 IMU, choose the option "With Inertial Measurement Unit" from the "Options" dropdown.

Save $5 when you purchase a case with an integrated aluminum heatsink for your CFOCer by adding it as an option to this order. Case includes silicone heat pads and hardware for assembly. A case can also be purchased separately here.


Your product will arrive assembled, with the firmware installation completed. You'll want to install the configuration tool on your computer. Then simply plug the CFOCer into your computer and it will be ready to use. All of these instructions are detailed on my blog: